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Abetech Abrasives

Manufacturing of any size abrasive for any application.

Abetech Abrasives

Everything for sanding and polishing wood, marble and natural stones, metals, PVC, glass ...

Machines & Accessories

For any type of floor - parquet, floor, stone, marble, carpet, terracotta etc.

Our range of abrasives, sanding machines, floor treatment products. Click here

Custom fabrication in our workshops

Flexibility guaranteed

Personalized labelling avalaible

Abetech packaging, neutral or from your own brand.

Service available in other languages

At Abetech, we can serve you in French, Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian and German.


Abetech offers a complete range of abrasives and products for renovation, treatment and maintenance of all types of floors at very competitive prices.

Active since 1990 in the manufacture of abrasive materials, ABETECH has developed a wide range of products for the renovation, treatment and maintenance of floors (parquet, floor, natural stone, concrete, ...) With applied abrasives, ABETECH has expanded its activities to the manufacture of related products (floor treatment products, steel and stainless steel wool discs, crystallization powder, ...), as well as to the marketing of sanders for parquet, floor, marble, granite, concrete. Our products and services include:

  • Pads of all colours and dimensions
  • Synthetic fabric
  • Steel wool and stainless steel wool of different sizes
  • Tungsten Carbide Disc
  • Powder and crystallization liquid
  • Carpetclean
  • Shining Wax
  • Carpet Pads
  • Sheepskin
  • Sponge
  • Dust bags
  • Diamond pads
  • Single face abrasive disc
  • Abrasive disc on velcro support – velvet
  • Abrasive disc on felt
  • Double-sided abrasive disc
  • Abrasive belts & rolls
  • Abrasive sheet, simple, snotched, velcro
  • Abrasive triangles

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Abetech around the world

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